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Amazon Transcribe Services we offer

Amazon Transcribe Integration

At Visive, we focus on seamless integration services. Our team of developers is best qualified to provide you with the best assistance for Amazon Transcribe integration with any application you need. Regardless of operating system or platform, AWS speech recognition services can be smoothly integrated with most applications.

Back-end Software Integration

There are many forms of integration. If the integration is not correct, the back-end integration will cause complications. Our team works tirelessly to improve Amazon Transcribe backend integration for customers, so there is no room for bottlenecks while maintaining UI integrity.

Custom Amazon Transcribe App Development

If you prefer front-end integration, Visive can seamlessly integrate AWS Speech Recognition into your applications to ensure real-time speech and text processing. When using Amazon Transcribe for fast data conversion, precious time is never wasted.

Support & Troubleshooting Services

At Visive, our team of developers will be available to assist you with any Amazon Transcribe queries and troubleshooting 24/7. Our industry experts can deal with any problems you may encounter, thus ensuring that there is almost no downtime.

Custom IBM Watson App Development

If you want a brand new application supported by Amazon Transcribe, but you want to personalize it in your own way, then you have come to the right place. We can help you effectively build and deploy Amazon Transcribe applications from scratch exactly the way you want.

Products made using Amazon Transcribe Service

Converse Smartly - Speech to text converter

One of Visive's notable achievements includes the ConverseSmartly® project. It has helped Visive become a recognized leader in speech recognition application development. Converse cleverly uses Amazon Transcribe's features and innovative applications for AI machine learning and natural language processing. Converse Smartly's goal is to support organizations to develop smarter, faster, and smoother business methods. The main functions include front-end and back-end analysis of conversations or speeches from conferences, conferences, seminars, lectures and interviews. By reducing the time wasted on manual transcription, Converse cleverly encourages more creative thinking.

Applications of Amazon Transcribe

Amazon Transcribe is a versatile and dynamic software that can be used by both businesses and individuals. As an expert in AWS speech recognition, Visive effectively uses its resources and those of its partners for the following Amazon Transcribe applications:

Improving Customer Service

Amazon Transcribe allows you to create powerful applications to manage customer convenience. The Amazon transcription service converts any audio input to text and enables search and analysis functions to improve data mining. You can use Amazon Transcribe to transcribe calls and mine insightful data to improve customer service quality.

Captioning & Subtitling Workflows

Content creators and media publishers can use Amazon Transcribe to automatically generate subtitles for their content. Doing so can improve the customer’s coverage and accessibility, and improve their understanding of the material. When combined with Amazon Translate, you can seamlessly localize the content of each region.

Cataloguing Audio Archives

Regardless of the nature of the material, managing archives is a tedious task. By easily transcribing audio and video assets into fully searchable files, Amazon Transcribe allows you to quickly check regulatory compliance and potentially contentious content. You can also use Amazon Elasticsearch to properly index and then search in your digital media warehouse.

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Amazon Transcribe Features

Easy-to-Read Transcriptions

Transcriptions generated by Amazon Transcribe are clear, coherent, and context-sensitive. AWS Speech Recognition automatically detects where to add punctuation marks and a consistent format, so that the results match the input audio as much as possible, at a fraction of the cost of a manual transcriber.

Streaming Transcription

Stream in real time or as a pre-recorded audio file. In addition, any real-time streaming of audio or video is performed through a secure connection to protect the integrity of the data.

Timestamp Generation

During transcription, Amazon Transcribe will automatically time-stamp each word so that you can effectively match audio and text words verbatim. These timestamps also make it easier to search for subtitles and apply subtitles to video content.

Custom Vocabulary

Human dialogue will never follow a fixed vocabulary. When doing business, you may use specific words or phrases that are specific to your organization's culture. You can add these words (including the names of products and individuals) to the Amazon Transcribe database.

Recognize Multiple Speakers

Discussions, especially during meetings, can include multiple people who often speak at the same time. Amazon Transcribe automatically recognizes the specific attributes of each speaker's voice and intonation to distinguish them.

Channel Identification

Whenever a call center submits audio input for analysis, Amazon Transcribe can automatically recognize and generate a single transcript with channel label annotations.

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