Visual Fashion Search

Retailer's most powerful visual AI platform

Unleash powerful new sources of income, improve product discovery capabilities, gain actionable search insights, and engage customers with a seamless and intuitive shopping experience

Simplify the path from customer photos to the products you buy. People can use their devices to take photos and recommend similar or identical products they see in real life. Search for products and other editorial content in blogs to cover publishing costs. We can prove all of this by visually searching for fashion and other products.

Camera Search

Turn customer inspiration into product discovery

Recommendation Engines

Provide personalized smart suggestions

Deep Tagging

Automatically build and deploy powerful product tags 

In-Store Smart Solutions

The power of visual artificial intelligence has now spread across entities

Under the Hood

The service combines fashion marking with product similarity. Given a real image, Visual Fashion Search will first detect clothing and assign fashion tags in a manner similar to Fashion Tagging service. Then it will find the most visually similar works in your fashion collection, just like the "product similarity" service. Before that, you must upload your product picture collection to us.

Camera Search

Turn customer's inspiration into product discovery. By removing barriers to text search, you can immediately connect shoppers to the products they want, thereby providing a more natural and engaging online experience. 

Recommendation Engines

Use Visual AI to create recommendations tailored to each person (rather than a character) and show the most relevant items throughout the buyer’s journey.

Deep Tagging

Get a catalog label that suits your brand. AI-driven product labels can assign accurate and highly detailed labels to each item in your catalog.

In-Store Smart Solutions

Provide a barrier-free omnichannel experience and extend online personalization and interaction to any physical store. 

Fashion Tagging

Machine learning is our passion. We know the ins and outs of various technologies that can use all or part of automation to help you improve your business. Please feel free to contact us and tell us what we can do for you.

Product Data Curation

The key benefit of Fashion Tagging is that it can speed up the workflow. You can automatically add tags on the input 24/7, and only allow your editing team to verify the results. 

If you don't want the data to leave your computer, we can run it on the cloud and your own server. We mainly focus on fashion, and in the following areas, our constantly recognised list of fashion objects and labels continues to increase: clothing, footwear, watches, bags, accessories, jewellery.

Technology Stack

New knowledge about data can improve the user experience on your website, thereby increasing revenue. Work with your curatorial team to handle more products and save money.