Text Recognition

Text Recognition automatically recognises text and images as digital data. Text recognition solutions can quickly and easily convert data such as business cards, documents or books into digital information. Text recognition can accurately recognise various languages.

Image Processing Solution

We developed a high-performance text recogniser and provided highly accurate text recognition results. Now, we provide this powerful image processing solution that can recognise and process all text-based images in the world.

Our solution can automatically identify the data and correct the image by simply capturing data containing different data sets in various forms, and convert all necessary information into data. 

Image capture

Image quality correction

Field data recognition

Data storage and utilization

Core Technology

Image quality improvement

The technology used to make the image clearer and clearer can prevent the image quality degradation factors that occur during the motion capture process, and correct the quality by preprocessing the input image to achieve the expected higher recognition rate 

Images clearer and cleaner 

Geometric distortion correction corrects distance and tilt distortions that occur during motion capture to obtain high-quality, accurate document images 

High-speed image processing

The technology of high-speed image processing on mobile devices has developed an image processing algorithm optimized for mobile environments, and has applied a parallel processing algorithm to process images quickly and accurately 

Application solutions

In the field of finance/insurance where customers’ personal information and efficient workflows need to be processed quickly and securely, our solution is very useful because it can identify business cards, ID cards and credit cards and classify information items by address or phone number , And then save the information in the specified field for future use. In public institutions and enterprises that want to extract key information from various forms (including applications), our form recognition solution can be used to automatically save images, text and other fields, and reduce the time for file classification, management and archiving Workload. 

ID recognition

Business card recognition

Credit card recognition

Form recognition

Information masking

Handwriting recognition

Document recognition

Document restoration