Better & Smarter Shopping

Enhance the retail experience of fashion customers. Use AI to promote sales.

We helps your customers to find

1 - Rich taxonomy

Add Tags to incoming content 24/7. Let your editor verify the results and view the cost savings. We always keep the taxonomy up to date.

2 - Visually similar

Product Similarity-Get a list of products that look similar on your website. immediately. Easily increase the click rate of similar products by up to 380%.

3 - Shoot & get

Take Real Photos and find products that look similar in fashion e-commerce. The world is rapidly turning to mobile.


Creating rich taxonomies is costly, let the AI do it cheaper

We provide ready-made taxonomy, which contains more than 1,000 tags, which can be matched with your tags, or changed according to your project requirements. We provide tools to help you manage data, teach ML algorithms and quickly improve your e-commerce channel.


Metadata is not enough. Fashion depends on visual information

Shoppers stay longer in your fashion electronics store, and your conversion volume grows quickly. Your customers will see visually similar alternatives when looking for the ideal alternative. We will automatically generate these products in pure visualisation. Our visual similarity service is directly adjusted for fashion and can process thousands of photos instantly.


No time to waste time. Shoppers want to get much more effective

Many studies have shown that visual search is the new standard for shoppers. From a visual search in the fashion industry, shoppers expect that they can use real-life photos or screen snapshots for online shopping, and they should find relevant results. With our premium service, you can make this a standard on your website or mobile application.

Remove Duplicates

Detect the closest matching image and select the best image, then delete the duplicate images or link them.

Apply Colors

Apply filters based on the color of the main image or use the color with other functions.

API Ready

Connect your system with us or workflow easily. The developer documentation is ready.

Grow your revenue

Personalized suggestions can promote your sales. Turn your temporary visitors into paying customers. Maximize revenue from existing traffic.

Save time & costs

Quick deployment. Provide wise and relevant product recommendations to save inbound marketing. All of them have simple configuration and API.

Improve user experience

By using intuitive products to enhance search results, thereby eliminating the buyer’s frustration and eliminating paralysis of decision-making, so as to become smarter.

Why e-commerce brands trust


Feel free to download fashion taxonomy. We are happy to provide you with insights so that you can better prepare. We are together, let us win together.

Fair price

We are born frugal. We are actors. We may not have the most luxurious office or the coolest brand ambassador, but we provide a solid AI for everyone.

Public demo

We are ready. Try our service now. Don’t hide the sales team trying to sell you products that may be completed next year.

Fashion geeks

We are AI enthusiasts and fashion professionals who love the challenges of the current e-commerce market. We listen, explore and deliver results.

The Technology — Focus on Fashion

Constant Improvements

Our AI team pays attention to the latest trends in deep learning and publishes research reports. Every few months, we will release an even more advanced machine learning model architecture. We have been continuously improving the accuracy and speed of AI services.

Focused on quality

We have a process and a set of fashion annotators who are building our high-quality data set. We retrain our model every week. Our fully extensible system can easily expand new categories and tags. And-if you are not satisfied, we always welcome your feedback.