Medtech AI

Make the most of your biomedical expertise with AI. Microbiological samples, X-rays, skin lesions-these and other challenges are all evaluated by experts. ML helps you retain their knowledge. Automate processes, assist laboratory staff, enable new applications and help patients. 

Make an impact to the World we share. Use Artificial Intelligence to help others.

X-ray photographs, CT/MRI images and photographs of any microscope can be automatically processed and marked or classified according to the content. This can help experts who monitor the process and confirm the results. Save time and effort for automated tasks in the workflow. Or bring your expertise closer to the end user. 

Predict Diseases

Create classifiers that can use microscope images, X-ray images or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images of biopsies Did you know that machine learning can predict eye disease as diabetic retinopathy? Many health startups are developing systems that can enhance these image processing capabilities and help people around the world. 

Object Detection

More complex systems can find a known object in the scene and then automatically cut it for the second step of classification. Training data requires manual operation. This can be done by our editorial team or your editorial team. Our system can also learn to detect anomalies in medical images. 

Process Big Data

Preprocess large images, create processes, conditions and find suspicious areas on the images. This way the team of experts will not miss the key knowledge that will help save lives.