Machine Learning as a Service

Amazon Transcribe

Amazon Transcribe is a versatile and dynamic software that can be used by both businesses and individuals. As an expert in AWS speech recognition, Visive effectively uses its resources and those of its partners for the Amazon Transcribe applications.

Google Speech to Text

Regardless of the environment, we will provide Google voice integration services for most third-party or developer applications. Developers can send audio through their aps and receive transcriptions from the Google Speech to Text API service.

IBM Watson Service

We provide the best IBM consulting services for all your IBM Watson integration needs. Our professional team of experts can be deployed in the cloud and locally. Visive can help you migrate and integrate all core applications into any cloud faster with open source and enterprise-ready software solutions.

Azure Machine Learning Service

Get all levels of productivity improvement through our automated Azure machine learning service. We can use powerful models for rapid deployment. Azure machine learning services are ideal for most voice conversion purposes. At Visive, we are proud to provide the best Azure cognitive service utilization.