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Let us Integrate Google Speech-to-text API powered by

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Google Cloud Speech-to-Text Services We Offer

Google Speech Integration

Regardless of the environment, we will provide Google voice integration services for most third-party or developer applications. Developers can send audio through their aps and receive transcriptions from the Google Speech to Text API service

Back-end Software Integration

Visive also provides integration services for Google Speech to Text services as back-end applications. Seamless coding and interface with front-end applications to ensure real-time speech recognition without disturbing your personalized UI

Support & Troubleshooting Services

Regardless of questions or inquiries, support and troubleshooting of the Google Voice to Text API service are available 24/7. There are multiple question platforms where you will get professional and informal answers.

Custom Google Speech App Development

Visive provides custom application development based on the Google Text to Speech API service, with custom language and custom acoustic models. We can help you train a "text to speech" service to achieve accurate and accurate contextual speech recognition.

Visive's Google Speech Product

Converse Smartly - Speech to text converter

Visive's latest achievement is the ConverseSmartly® web application, which has enabled Visive to establish a strong competitor in the use and application of machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing. With Converse Smartly users, organizations and individuals can make their work smarter, faster and more efficient. Using the advanced features of this application, users can analyze conversations or voices from interviews, seminars, conferences, team meetings. It can even turn lectures into text.

Google Speech-to-text Applications

Speech Recognition

Google Cloud voice-to-text service is the trough of its voice recognition function, which allows users to convert audio to text using easy-to-use APIs. The API can recognize up to 120 languages ​​and variants. It also provides voice command and control, call center audio transcription, real-time streaming or pre-recorded audio processing, etc.

Video Subtitling

With Google Cloud voice-to-text service, you can now transcribe video by extracting audio files from the video or external audio tracks to be added to the video. Using various machine learning models, Cloud Speech-to-Text can transcribe audio recordings. For better results, please define the original audio source.

Language Identifier

If it is audio in multiple languages, you can now use the Google Cloud voice-to-text service to specify the language code (2 to 4); Cloud Speech-to-Text can then detect the correct language and provide transcripts. Voice search and command use cases also use language identifiers.

Audio Transcriber

The Google Voice-to-Text service can transcribe any audio while minimizing noise, keeping it in context, and explaining the proper nouns and language used.

Turn Text to speech

Google's speech-to-text service can effectively convert written text into grammatically and contextually accurate speech by selecting natural speech.

Inappropriate Content Filtering

Filters (including profanity filters) help filter out any inappropriate or unprofessional content from the audio and omit it when transcribed into text. This Google Cloud voice-to-text service is available in multiple languages.

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Google Speech-to-text Service Features

Automatic Speech Recognition

Google's Cloud Speech-to-Text Service's Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) module is supported by a neural network that can support applications such as voice search or voice transcription.

Pre-recorded and Real-time audio support

Google's cloud voice-to-text service supports streaming audio or pre-encoded audio input files (online or through Google Cloud Storage) from the microphone of the application. In addition, Google Cloud can handle multiple audio encodings, including FLAC, AMR, PCMU and Linear-16.

Global Vocabulary & Punctuation

So far, Google has the world's largest database of machine learning systems. With such a huge database, the Google Voice Text API service can recognize a total of 120 languages. Transcription is accurately and automatically marked by machine learning (such as commas, question marks and periods).

Noise management

With Google Cloud Voice to Text, users can avoid the time-consuming task of removing background noise from audio files through the noise cancellation application. Instead, the API handles chaotic audio for you by extracting key information from noisy environments.

Streaming recognition

Do you want to save voice transcription time? With the Streaming Speech Recognition feature of Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, you can stream audio files to Cloud Speech-to-Text and receive the results in real time when a person is speaking.

Content filtering

To ensure that profanity or other inappropriate content does not appear in the transcription results, Cloud Speech-to-Text Services has set up filters to remove unwanted parts and remove incorrect content in specific languages.

Word Hints

With Cloud Speech-to-Text Services, you can manually modify your speech recognition solution by specifying up to 5,000 words or phrases that will be used in any context such as conferences, meetings, or lectures. In addition, depending on the context, the API can automatically convert voice numbers to addresses, years, or currencies, or perform other conversions.

Integrated APIs

By uploading audio files to Google Cloud Storage, the full capacity of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) ecosystem is fully utilized. Therefore, the Google Voice Text API service allows audio files to be uploaded directly to Google Cloud without using a lot of media to fill the device storage space.

Auto-Detect Language

As mentioned earlier, in a multilingual solution, you can specify at least 2 and up to four language codes in the Google speech-to-text solution-audio-based context. Cloud Speech-to-Text will then be able to isolate these languages ​​in the sound and transcribe them accordingly.

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