Corona Patients Suspects Tracking & Monitoring System


How to Track self quarantine visitors using electronic tags & apps ?

Wristband with QR Code (used in HongKong)

Wristband Locking Technology

Wristband with Tracking Devices (Explored in many countries including HK)

Device is strapped to wristband of person to be home quarantined. There are 2 types of devices

1. Bluetooth Device 

2. 2G GPS Wristbands 

BioEnable Tracker has the advantages of waterproof IP67, low power consumption, small size, easy to use and 3-10 days standby without charging. It is a GPS/GPRS personal location tracker. It specially applies for alzheimer’s patient tracking, prisoner/parolee management, pet tracking, etc. The tracker supports three working modes: personal mode, smart mode, vehicle mode.

This device has the following features and functions:

Face Recognition Technology

Visual Home Recognition Technology

App in Action

Automated Bot based video calls for Attendance

Wristband Locking Technology

How Wristband Tags work

To track the movements & mostly all activities of Corona Virus infected patients in better way, We always prefer to employ QR code-based identification, because QR code-based Wristband tag technology, when read and decoded by smartphones, is considered the most useful & cost-efficient alternative for automatized patients identification. Further, it provides quick remote access to health records by medical professionals in public healthcare systems as well as by the concern  government authorities who are responsible for ensuring all that corona patients to be in self quarantine always. 

This QR Identity Tags allows medical personnel, emergency medical technicians , police & concern government authorities to identify the persons and instantly obtain his/her vital information.The QR Code Identity Tag allows members to control their own public health resources by possessing or editing the information. Each person is assigned a unique QR code tag, which can be printed by medical personnel during hospital registration process.  When the QR code is scanned by the concern authorities using the QR Identity Tag application on their smartphones, detailed patient information is displayed, as illustrated in above figure.

Patient identification in hospital environment

To receive treatment, each patient first needs to register with the hospital system. A unique online profile, password, identification number, and QR code are generated for each patient, and a bracelet containing the QR code is placed on the patient’s wrist. Several copies of the QR code are produced for each patient admitted into the hospital, and they are used wherever patient identification is required. Copies of the QR code are placed on the door of the patient’s room, the bed, and the chart so that medical personnel & other authority concerns can quickly identify the patient and obtain his/her medical history and treatment status. Patient misidentification in hospitals is a very serious problem. To reduce its risk of occurrence, we suggest that patients wear two bracelets, one on each hand, or a necklace; that would be useful in a scenario when one of them is damaged or lost. Double identification is also useful in cases where the wrong QR code was printed during registration. One QR code is printed by the patient and placed on a bracelet, and the second QR code is printed by the hospital and placed on a bracelet on the other hand. This is done in case a hospital clerk makes a mistake and prints a QR code belonging to another patient. After printing the two QR codes, medical personnel should scan both of them to make sure that they belong to the same person.

Outpatient Identification :  

Some patients may always wear the QR code identity bracelet/wristband, which could be useful for patients with corona virus infection. Initially, interested parties need to register themselves or those under their care with the QR Code Identity Tag web based application. When the registration process of patients is completed, a security code and a QR Code Identity Tag are generated for the user, and the user is advised to share the Security Code with the listed emergency contact persons. Users can change their information anytime by logging in into the web application system. The QR Code Identity Tag does not have to be reissued, as it contains not information but a link to the password-protected web page of the respective unique user

Authorization : 

Medical personnel,  police, & concern government persons  may install the QR Code Identity Tag mobile application and log into the system to gain easy access to the information. They are assigned privileges to obtain the information without contacting the next of kin for rapid access during an emergency. When an authorised individual listed above scans the QR Code Identity Tag, they obtain detailed information about the person to whom the tag belongs directly. 

AI based Facial Recognition for Identification & Tracking of Corona Patients

BioEnable also come up with the Artificial Intelligence based Facial Recognition Solution for real-time tracking & identification of Corona Infected patients. Face detection and recognition are key tools for security professionals. Though video archiving solutions provide complete records of what happened in the scene, they do not allow for someone to quickly scan people and faces present in the scene to shortlist, target and identify potential miscreants

Face Recognizer provides the following capabilities:

Live Face Recognizer provides many benefits: