AI Robots & Drones

AI Robots & Drones Artificial Intelligence Automation Solution

Visive is a leading developer and provider of AI-supported smart solutions that provide drones for program automation to help companies from different industries. Drone AI may benefit from the automation of various processes. Some previously proven applications of drone automation are as follows.

AI Drones

In addition to the aforementioned applications, Visive also provides artificial intelligence-supported drone solutions for various other applications, such as change detection and crack detection, to automate the process of identifying real defects that limit any system function.

Livestock Management

Visive has helped some well-known enterprises in animal husbandry through AI-supported drone platforms to automate various procedures involving animal husbandry management. A system like Count Cow can be really time-consuming.

Terrain Mapping

The use of AI-powered drones in civil engineering has also done wonders. The use of drones for automatic terrain mapping will make this process impeccable, which is urgently needed in the field of civil engineering. Visive has developed AI solutions for this purpose.

Edge Analytics Services

With Edge Analytics, managing and analyzing batch data is no longer stressful! It is a tool for collecting, processing and analyzing data. It is completely changing the way IoT data is processed, bringing convenience and convenience to the life of solution providers.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation is a technology that enables anyone today to configure computer software or "robots" to simulate and integrate human interactions within digital systems to execute business process behaviors. RPA robots, like users, use the user interface to capture data and manipulate applications. They explain, trigger responses and communicate with other systems to perform various repetitive tasks.

AI Drone Technologies Used by Visive

Visive uses a variety of cloud-based open source technologies to develop drone solutions backed by AI. Some of these technologies are listed below under their respective categories:

Cloud Technologies

Visive has integrated multiple cloud technologies in the development of AI drones. These technologies are briefly discussed below


Visive includes Google AI technology for training drones supported by TensorFlow. Millions of photos collected through Google AI cloud technology are used to train machine learning models for drone programming. It enables drones to upload large amounts of image data faster. The marked image data accordingly points to the detection of various situations in which the drone is used.


Visive also uses AI cloud technology for Microsoft's drones. When DJI's leading civilian drone manufacturer and aerial imaging technology provider announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft, Visive also noted this development and began to incorporate Microsoft's cloud technology like Azure Cloud into AI support UAV solutions are under development.


Visive always hopes to provide the best results by integrating various technologies. The same is true for drones. Amazon also provides cloud-based AI technology for drones. We have integrated Amazon's drone cloud technology in the drone AI solution.

Open-Source Technologies

Here are some open-source technologies used by Visive in development of drone solutions


TensorFlow is a widely used open source platform for end-to-end deep learning. Visive also uses this deep learning platform to train drones for image processing and various other functions. It enables drones to classify, perceive, understand, and discover objects and situations to take corresponding actions without human interference.


Pytorch is also an open source machine learning platform. Visive uses it for image processing in the process of training drones to identify and understand objects. This is a machine learning library for python. After analyzing the functions and fields that the drone should use, it is used by our team of developers.


MATLAB is a tool for implementing algorithms and mathematical calculations in programming. It is widely used in the development of AI drones to implement and utilize working algorithms in the programming of drone solutions. Visive also uses this platform to implement algorithms in the development of AI-supported drones.