Container Number Recognition System (CNRS)

CNRS - Deep Learning A.I Driven Solution for Modern Logistics and Supply Chain Automation

The Container Number Recognition System (CNRS) is an AI-driven system that can automatically recognise the container number on the top and side walls of the container through a camera. The images taken by the camera are being evaluated by optical character recognition (OCR) software. Then the container information is stored in the database, thereby eliminating the need for manual intervention in the container number.

Automatic Recognition of Container Numbers

The Container Number Recognition System (CNRS) uses a set of cameras to automatically identify the container number located on the top and side walls of the container. The images taken by the camera are being evaluated by optical character recognition (OCR) software. CNRS can be used on crane docks for supervision purposes, as an auxiliary system for crane drivers and for remote control of automatic stacking cranes.

The application program recognise the container number in the picture and sends the result as a character value to the crane control system.

Fast and efficient container identification can automatically perform verification

The number of containers entering and leaving any port terminal during peak hours can be very large. The container is manually inspected and verified by humans, so it is prone to errors and proved to be a bottleneck. In order to improve efficiency and throughput, an automated system that detects the number of containers in real time is needed.

CNRS can detect container numbers on ISO containers in several locations (roof and side walls) with different font sizes, colours, and directions and directions.

Flexible, Automated Recognition System

The CNRS application uses the camera on the spreader. Trigger the application to use the associated camera to take a snapshot from the desired location. The application recognizes the container number in the picture and sends the result as a character value to the crane control (PLC).

Use CNRS to Optimize Resources

Replacing manual container identification with automated systems provides valuable benefits for port operators

High Performance

Improve time utilisation and data management efficiency

Reduce Errors

Reduce physical labour that causes bottlenecks due to false readings

Improve Efficiency

Carry out effective management and operation at door, yard and container loading and unloading

The automatic container code identification system is designed to automatically detect and identify the container ID and ISO, which will help to reduce the drawbacks of manually recording when they enter the container terminal gate.

The system will facilitate effective container management and operation at the gates of terminals, storage yards, and crane loading and unloading areas. As a scope for improving performance in the future, we can consider replacing multiple models with a single module to improve performance. Improve performance.


  • Accelerate traffic by automatically recognizing the fleet without stopping the truck.

  • Reduced management costs through automatic container coding and truck/trailer license plate recognition.

  • As the clerk is no longer required to enter the lane to check the truck, thereby improving personnel safety.

  • Reduce the risk of claims by capturing high-resolution images of containers and cargo.

  • It is easy to integrate with external systems such as weighing system, terminal operating system, kiosk, etc.

  • It can improve safety when docking with cargo X-ray inspection system.


  • Container terminals and storage areas

  • Ports authorities and gate facilities

  • Weighbridges

  • X-ray inspection

  • Industrial and logistics areas

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

  • International Ship and Port Security (ISPS)

  • Customs and border control

  • Homeland Security applications

  • Airports