Accurate, Fast, Developer-Friendly ALPR

Automatic License Plate Recognition software that works in all environments, optimized for your location.

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPRs)

Automatic license plate reader (ALPR) is a high-speed computer-controlled camera system, usually installed on street light poles, street lights, highway overpasses, mobile trailers, or connected to police cars. ALPR will automatically capture all the license plate numbers displayed as well as the location, date and time. Then upload the data including the vehicle photos (sometimes including the driver and passenger photos) to the central server.

Highly Accurate

Our algorithm handles blurry, dark, angled plates with stacked characters, etc. Please review our work for ALPR in India.

Images & Videos

We all deal. The snapshot decodes the plate from the image. Stream recognition and decoding of plates in real-time cameras.


Get the vehicle area, brand, model, color, classification; Webhooks, dashboard and more! The board is also fuzzy!

On-Premise & Cloud

We provide both cloud and local software on various hardware (no Internet required).

Fast, Nimble

The inference speed of Snapshot is 50-100 milliseconds, and Stream processes 4 cameras at a time on the mid-end CPU.

Proven Globally

Our ALPR engine supports more than 90 countries/regions and has been adjusted to your specific region.

ALPR that Works

Works on Blurry Images

Works When Plate is at an Angle

Works in Dark Environment

Works When Vehicle is Driving Fast

Works on Low-Res Images

Works on Plates with Icons

Works with Multiple Vehicles

Works on Plates with 2 Rows

Feature-Rich ALPR

Plate Recognizer Snapshot

Plate Recognizer Stream

Plate Recognizer Blur

Better ALPR

Environmental issues. On sunny days, the license plate can be decoded from high-resolution vehicle photos. But we know that, in fact, the weather and other conditions are not always ideal. We have been working tirelessly to improve our algorithms to support various "reality" factors, such as sun glare, blurred images, fast-moving vehicles, nighttime, etc.

Self-study. Our ALPR engine is like a teenager, it will continue to learn. This means that we can fine-tune the engine to help meet your specific needs, such as specific camera angles or lighting conditions. Learn how we can improve ANPR license plates in India! 

Location optimization. Face it-not all dishes are the same. Some contain two lines of text. Some have icons at the beginning, middle or end of the board. Some contain beautiful fonts. Thankfully, our LPR engine supports all functions and has been specifically adjusted for your region.

Five is better than one. Unlike other ALPR providers, we can return up to 5 decoded license plates from one image. We achieve this goal by using two different neural networks. One recognizes all photos of the license plate from the image, and the other decodes each character of the license plate. 

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