AI Image Search Solution

Image Similarity Solution

All customers need is a photo of the product they want. They can then use the image to quickly find similar products. The chance of finding identical articles is not only higher, but even similar products can be found. Customers can choose a wider range of products to improve customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates.

AI Image Processing

Image processing is a method of processing images to improve quality or extract relevant information from the images. The AI ​​image processing service combines advanced algorithm technology with machine learning and computer vision to process large numbers of pictures easily and quickly with high accuracy level.

Image Segmentation

Visive is a pioneer in the field of AI computer vision, and it is revolutionizing the industry through seamless image segmentation services. This is the solution that the world has been waiting for, namely artificial pixel-level image segmentation and annotation via API.

Image Analytics Services

Help your e-shop visitors find their favorite products by displaying similar products and services, making the process of selecting and finding alternatives easy. This feature helps increase conversion rates and attract customers to buy more products, thereby increasing revenue