Simple Software to Track Attendance by Faces

Increase Productivity and Timesheets Efficiency by managing attendance time and location using Face Recognition Technology 

No Special Device is Required - The Biometric Device is a Mobile/Tablet & Windows

Touch-less Face Recognition based Employee Attendance

Currently, providing employees with safe non-contact entry is an important safety measure. BioEnable has been in a leading position in the field of face recognition technology in the entrance field. This is a powerful, accurate and safe attendance system

Manage Your Employees Attendance Using Contactless Face Recognition Technology

New age of contactless attendance management solution and HRMS. Make the employee management process easy and hassle-free at your workplace. Plus, keep a track of employee's attendance off-site with 99% accurate Geo-Tagging feature. 

User-friendly interface will enable you to access and manage your data easily & dashboard provides quick statistics on your active users.

Awesome Features

Support Android  & Windows

You don’t need a special device,  just use any Android mobile / tablet & windows

Audit Logs

Admin can easily track other users’ activities and know when they login or out, and what they have done

Multi Users

In addition to the Admin who has full system rights, Admin can invite other users and grant them access permissions as needed

Multi Time Zones

BioEnable manages multi time zones attendance, so it supports companies having global branches and performs the time zones conversion.

Indoor & Outdoor

It works remotely and it can be used anywhere,  you just need an Android Device connected  to the internet

Unlimited Scalability

BioEnable fits small, medium, and large Enterprises with centralisation and multi-location authentication. You can start with one user, one employee, and one device. 

100% Cloud

The first Face Recognition Attendance System that works 100% over the cloud, you don’t need to worry your data securely stored and backup.

IP and GEO Restrictions

Restrict employees and devices from reporting face attendances using IP Address,  Location on Map

No Installation

No technician needs to visit your office.  You don’t need servers, special devices,  or networking to use

Mobile Attendance App 

Easy to wall Mount as Attendance Device

Mobile Attendance powered the user to clock in & out from anywhere using their Mobile. It uses GPS information ensuring the right employee is at the right place to work. Mobile attendance app built-in with face recognition technology to check & verify the employee face. So no need to worry about fake or buddy clocking.

Attendance data will be real time sync to our Cloud-based Time Attendance software. It has many flexible reports which can be easily export to Excel, CSV or real time sync to other applications.


Smart phone & Tablet App

Download Attendance System app for your Android phone or tablet. This device will be used as a IN/OUT terminal later

Open the app and sign up your email for an Attendance System account

Start adding your staffs and their facial data. Your staffs IN and OUT everyday with only a click of a button

You log in on Attendance System portal using your phone or laptop to collect timesheet data at the end of your pay period

Simple Registration Process


Get app from play-store

App Home Screen

Employee one-touch access

Easy Sign up

Signup using basic details

Enrolment of Face

Add face for authentications

Facial Recognition

Live  moves detection like blink eyes, smile, tilt face left/right

Get verified clock-in data with selfies. Never deal with false buddy punches ever again.

GPS Geolocation 

Rest assured that employees are on site with our geotagged attendance records.

Realtime Users Logs

Get success logs data into one dashboard for all employees & Keep track of your team's attendance.

Fast Authentication 

More accuracy with face authentication. 

Realtime Reports

SmartSuite Reporting App Get report into one dashboard for all employees & Keep track of your team's attendance

Prepare your timesheet without a calculator and save hours every payroll period. The custom facial recognition software automatically counts attendance & total work hour and identifies errors, including missed clock-ins or clock-outs. Also, you can print a daily report of attendance, and individual report of each employee.

Android Mobile Report

Windows report

How to use - Demo video 

Android Attendance Application