Stock Photography

Machine learning enables your customers to find visually similar items. Optimize data management costs and automatically improve metadata. Use artificial intelligence to pick high-quality photos. 

Visual Search & Similar Images

Big data collectors and picture agencies usually search their collections by tags, tags and other attributes. We provide a complementary method-search for images that are visually similar to a given image. Your customers can see the alternatives not found in the attribute filter from the long tail. The query can be an external image, and you can search backward for the same or similar images in the collection. For more detailed information about this service, see the "Photo Similarity" page. 

Uploaded Photo


Visually Similar Imagery

Data Curation & Suggested Keywords

One of the biggest expenses of the image collector is to clean up the data uploaded by users. We provide a fully automated solution that can help you improve keywords related to photos, select the appropriate category in advance, and help you detect potential issues related to the large amount of content uploaded to the platform. We have saved a lot of expenses and greatly accelerated the workflow. 


It may be difficult to link the content of the article to the advertiser correctly. When your article photo metadata is insufficient, even more. Content-related advertising is not only based on article replication, but also based on photography, which can increase conversion rates and advertising spend. 

Photo Sharing

Receiving large amounts of unmarked content on your website may cost you a lot of hosting time and may even result in litigation costs. For this, there is a solution-add metadata to the pictures so that they can be easily found in search engines and benefit from increased incoming traffic. 

Stock Photos

Automatic or semi-automatic photography keywords are an important function of professional photo agencies. Saving time and improving the relevance of metadata can increase the accuracy of search results and reduce the overhead of the curatorial team. 

Quality & Overall Beauty Classification

The clarity, resolution and visual quality of the image determine the success of the advertising image. We provide a variety of methods to improve your image knowledge, such as main colors, automatic marking, custom classification and marking. We can also learn your specific beauty measures and adapt them so that you can focus on your mastery skills and do back-end work. 



Legal Risk Prediction

Copyright-protected materials have become a major theme for stock agencies, TV stations, and advertising studios because the list of buildings, artworks, and other materials owned by copyright holders is long. And personal data and features are often the subject of improper use or abuse. Our system can predict and learn what users are posting, so you don’t need to edit it manually. 

Risk Detected

Sensitive Content Moderation

Social media and other information channels require compliance with laws regarding nudity, weapons, health care, blood, violence, and many other sensitive topics. Our detection mechanism can automatically detect or automatically suggest at-risk images and mark them or delete them from publicly accessible locations.