Similar Images & Products

Fashion electronics stores and integrator sites usually display related products on each project page. Together with us, these products are automatically generated as products with similar appearance. Our visual similarity engine has been adjusted directly for fashion, which can be done immediately. Your collection has been uploaded to us, and an API call can provide you with the most similar image to an item in a specific category. Our neural network processes each image, and the powerful similarity search index can search millions of items in less than a second. You can learn more about product similarity services. 

Product Data Curation

The key benefit of product marking is that it can speed up the workflow. You can automatically add tags on the input 24/7, and only allow your editing team to verify the results. Register for us and use the API to get real-time forecasts. We mainly focus on fashion, and we have a growing list of fashion objects and tags. For more detailed information about this service, please see the Fashion Tab. If you are not in the fashion industry, you can train your own classifier and marker at any time. 

High Probable

Sweater - 98.66%

Laptop - 97.25%

Coffee - 95.14%

Books - 94.15%

Black - 88.14%

Golden - 87.15%

Screen - 86.74%

Mat - 84.94%

Product Matching

Match duplicate products in your data. Save a lot of image storage costs, and eliminate messy duplicate search results. automatically. 

Typical needs of E-commerce

You can use our pre-cooking service "Fashion Tag" to do all these tricks, or you can train your own classifier and tagger. 

Fine-grained catalog categorization

With fine-grained visual classification, your customers can access advanced search and filtering. 

Content Management Automation

Automate the work of the content team by automatically classifying the image database. 

Abstract Understanding

Identify abstract concepts such as "Is this a beautiful photo?" or "What is this scene?" 

Pattern Recognition

Identify and classify visual patterns in products (such as black and white collections) and predict the function of incoming content. 

Custom Fashion Solution

We provide many separate solutions for large and large companies. Contact us for consultation.