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AI Based Facial Recognition App for Identify Different Faces



We provide candidates with an excellent online proctoring experience while promoting the excellence and integrity of the education program.

Assessment Providers

Candidates can be evaluated anytime, anywhere. Our guidance technology protects the test and eliminates false positives. 


Reduce your spending on test centers and inefficient manual procurement. Integrate the software into your existing test engine, or use a secure test engine to deliver the test. 

Training & Certification

We provide a secure environment through advanced automation supervision, a powerful evaluation engine, and video analysis for certification exams. 

Advanced Automated Remote Proctoring

Through advanced video and audio analysis, the system can monitor the feed for suspicious activity. It can ensure that candidates can focus on the test screen during the test, and check whether there are suspicious objects in the video and background voice activities to mark the test. 

Cheat Proof Online Live Tests

The administrator can check the student’s taking the exam from the preferred location. A detailed log of the candidate’s browser activity and audiovisual response is also provided. Prevent cheating by prohibiting candidates from copying/pasting answers during the exam.

Face Recognition to Avoid Impersonation

We also provides facial recognition to verify the identity of candidates who take the exam. The software can easily identify students' faces and match them with their details. Our two-sided authentication process can help you avoid fraud by quickly restricting test access. 

Advanced Capabilities

The tool integrates itself into your existing desktop or web application and helps remotely monitor real-time or recorded video, capture screens and access audit logs of browser usage. 

Real-Time Recording

Capture images, video and audio of user actions in real time 

Face Detection

Notice of absence of candidates during the proctor season


In-depth analysis of user behavior and user actions


Store and view recorded video streams for up to six months


Proctor video on mobile. App available for iOS, Android

Browser Policing

Browser Navigation Check, Disable Copy/Paste Option

Invigilator Provision

Real-time communication via Chat Box, Candidate Blocking

Local Deployment

Supports private recording with limited connectivity

Configurable Alerts

Triggers notification and flags it in case of suspicious activities


Access dashboard via RESTful API; Supports private recording

Avoid Fraudulence

No chance of fraud and impersonation during the tests

No Overhead Cost

Avoid all the overhead resources cost to administer the tests