Livestock Management Solution

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Use of Drones in Solving Your Livestock Management

This is the second project in this series. We use artificial intelligence-driven drones to solve real-world problems. In the first project, we used AI-powered drones for topographic map drawing for a civil engineering company.

AI Drones & Livestock Management

The use of drones in agriculture has been around for some time. The same concept can be used to track and monitor livestock. Ranchers, like farmers, can use drones to obtain aerial overviews to manage and monitor livestock. A drone equipped with an infrared camera can take high-definition photos, so that the rancher can remotely track and monitor the livestock and find any problems in real time, so that they can quickly and effectively solve the problem.

Visive & Livestock management

Visive has been working on automating various tasks involving livestock welfare. In addition to developing conventional software, Visive has recently utilized more and more artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and AI-driven programmable drones (such as the DJI drone series)

Cattle Health

Calm cows are productive cows. Our proprietary solution CattlePal is designed for livestock. A drone equipped with a thermal imager collects animal data and sends it to a cloud server. Our smart camera system can collect video data on site and then use it for supervision training

Are You Ready to Leverage Livestock Management?

We offer our clients the opportunity to create their own machine learning applications.