Edge Analytics Services

Streamlining Data Processing

Intelligent AI-powered Solutions deployed on IoT edge devices

What is Edge Analytics

With Edge Analytics, managing and analyzing batch data is no longer stressful! It is a tool for collecting, processing and analyzing data. It is completely changing the way IoT data is processed, bringing convenience and convenience to the life of solution providers.

Not only does this technology help save time, it can even reduce operating costs. It is for this reason that the company is considering the possibility of incorporating analytical advantages into its system.

State-of-the-Art Edge Analytics Solution by Visive

Visive provides the latest solutions for companies and enterprises seeking intelligent methods to integrate edge analysis into their systems. With this seamless solution, you can also easily preprocess the data generated by the sensor's rich assets in real time!

Custom Software for Edge Devices

We will create custom software for your Edge devices, such as smart cameras, Raspberry Pi and single board computers, NVidia Jetson, etc.

AI Deployment on Edge

We will deploy machine learning models to process data in real time on Edge so you can make informed decisions.

Business Intelligence for Edge Application

We will create interactive dashboards for your Edge applications to provide clear data graphs in an organized and meaningful way.

Video Edge Analytics

Analyze real-time video streams to draw information, enabling you to unlock insights and obtain the data you need.

Edge Analytics Tools we have expertise in

With 15+ years of experience working on various technologies, the people at Visive are well equipped to handle any requirement of yours

Azure IoT Edge

Intel Analytics Toolkit

Dell Statistica



IBM Watson

Cisco Connected Streaming Analytics

Oracle Edge Analytics



Why choose Edge Analytics Company

By incorporating the perfectly designed edge analytics solution, get ready to streamline the IoT data management and analysis along with other amazing benefits!

Save Your Precious Time

With Visive’s seamless edge analytics solution, companies can save their precious time. With an analytics edge IoT solution, you can filter out unnecessary information before analysis and make the processing of complex analytical data much more efficient.

Lower the Operational Costs

With the edge analytics in the internet of things, you can significantly lower the data processing and management costs. The solution by Visive will minimize the needed bandwidth.

Get a Chance to Innovate

Unlike the conventional ways of collecting data from devices connected to the internet, the Edge analytics solution lets you collect much more data. It enables you to collect data at a larger scale at minimal costs!

Convert Raw Data into Invaluable Insights

Processing of raw data is very time consuming and is exposed to human errors. Visive lets you convert the raw data into insightful pieces of information without any hassle. You can act on the insightful data in real-time!

Preserve Privacy

The best thing about Visive’s outstanding edge analytics solution is that it does not jeopardize the privacy of sensitive data. When devices connected to the internet, collect confidential information such as location, audio, or video, it is preprocessed on site.

Protection against Connectivity Issues

By incorporating the solution in your company or enterprise, you can ensure that none of the internet-connected devices stays unaffected by the limited internet connectivity. It is a perfect solution for companies operating in remote areas.

Industrial Applications of Edge Analytics

The use of analytics edge is serving as a revolutionary tool for all major industries and sectors around the world!

Manufacturing Industry

The use of sensors and devices is common in manufacturing companies, and that is why efficient data processing is one of their essential requirements. Edge analytics can significantly help the manufacturing companies reduce their production time and enhance their product quality with manufacturing data analysis and equipment data analytics.

The Retail Sector

The retail industry is one of those sectors that are under the strong influence of technology and make up a significant part of the digitization transformation of the world. They have to provide the best customer service, and edge analytics is one of the tools that is helping them achieve their goals.

Healthcare Organizations

Increased productivity and lowering costs are the primary concerns of healthcare organizations. The healthcare costs are escalating rapidly, and that is what is causing these organizations to incorporate seamless edge analytics in the internet of things.


Another sector that can benefit from Visive’s phenomenal edge analytics solutions is agriculture. Farmers have to manage the bulk of data related to climate and watering equipment that they collect via drones. Edge analytics can improve productivity rates at the farm and even enhance efficiency.

Edge Analytics and IoT

It is safe to say that edge analytics will serve as the future and the ultimate savior of IoT. The current IoT model is outdated and is not providing satisfying results to companies. Edge analytics in the internet of things is revolutionizing the ways companies process their big data. It is a tool that is helping businesses leverage local data, drive local decisions, and enhance their performance!

Enhance your company’s efficiency

Enhance your company’s efficiency and improve the productivity with Visive’s phenomenal edge analytic software solutions!