IBM Watson Consulting Service

Improve tinghe accuracy of predictions, and optimise the efficiency of the entire team by automating decisions and focusing on work with a higher value.

IBM Watson Consulting Services We Offer

IBM Watson Integration

We provide the best IBM consulting services for all your IBM Watson integration needs. Our professional team of experts can be deployed in the cloud and locally. Visive can help you migrate and integrate all core applications into any cloud faster with open source and enterprise-ready software solutions.

Back-end Software Integration

We provide excellent IBM Watson configurations for complete back-end software integration. Our IBM consulting services can help you achieve seamless integration between all of IBM Watson's front-end applications, so you don't have to worry about system failures.

Custom Front-End Watson Development

At Visive, we provide IBM consulting services that specialize in custom development. We use a combination of various APIs to help build the Watson AI platform to effectively communicate with your old system. In turn, this effectiveness can be used to build custom new features using platforms such as Java, Python, Node, Swift, and .NET. All of these perform cognitive computing to solve complex problems.

Support & Troubleshooting Services

Visive developers are always ready to provide the best troubleshooting and support services. Our IBM Watson consulting service solves any problems that may occur, regardless of scale, with zero downtime. Therefore, you can focus on what makes you stand out from the competition, while we ensure a safe and reliable platform.

Custom IBM Watson App Development

Visive's IBM watson consulting services can help you use Watson technology to develop custom applications in multiple categories, including VR/AR, finance, retail and medical industries. Custom applications with deep learning capabilities power your business through adaptive and dynamic intuitive cognitive computing.

Chat Bot Programming

Visive's IBM Watson consulting service can help you use Watson Assistant to create user-friendly and direct support and "help me" conversation chatbots. The assistant is a question and answer system that provides dialogue interaction between the dialogue and the user, and simplifies all support queries by automatically creating a dialogue process.

Products made using IBM Watson

Converse Smartly - Speech to text converter

Visive developed Converse Smartly (CS) to enable individuals and organizations to improve efficiency and accuracy. CS is based on the IBM Watson Speech API and Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK). CS automatically recognizes the audio and converts it to fully transcribed text. The transcript also includes popular keywords, lists of topics and topics, and sentiment analysis and summaries.

Visive's IBM consulting services enable you to use its advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing technologies to process conversations or lectures from team meetings, interviews, conferences, seminars, and lectures into text.

Applications of IBM Watson

Watson is very suitable for various applications, and IBM is working closely with partners to solve more and more applications. Visive can work in the following forms of IBM Watson:

Speech to Text Conversion

We use the IBM Watson text-to-speech API, which uses speech synthesis to arrange text into natural speech. IBM Watson supports multiple dialects, voices and languages. The IBM Watson Voice to Text API helps understand content by converting sound and audio to written text.

Chat Bots

Using Watson Assistant, we provide a user-friendly and visually pleasing interface that allows you to connect to most messaging channels, such as Slack, Facebook, and Twilio. Visive's IBM consulting services will help you easily develop, document and execute Watson Chatbots for your business.

Language Translation

Using our IBM Watson-supported translator, you can open up new markets by introducing automated documents, applications and web page translations into your products. You can create multilingual chatbots to communicate with any customer from all over the world. With Visive's highly flexible IBM consulting services, you can bring automation to translations while protecting your privacy.

Visual Recognition

With IBM Watson technology, you can use machine learning and computer vision to accurately label, classify, and train AI for visual content. Visive's IBM consulting services can help you create, train, evaluate, and manage custom models to use only a small number of images for visual inspection. AI will quickly and seamlessly learn any new objects or attributes to your custom model.

Personality Insights

With IBM Watson, you can predict personal characteristics, needs, and value through written text. Our IBM consulting services can help you understand your customers' habits and preferences from a personal perspective, while still giving you an advantage in scale. With this technology, you can obtain detailed personal portraits, understand consumer preferences and customize the customer experience.

Tone Analyzer

The Watson intonation analyzer service can help detect language and emotional intonation by performing language analysis on any written text. We provide IBM consulting services to help you make full use of the analyzer for social listening, enhance customer service and seamlessly integrate with chatbots.

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IBM Watson Usage Classification

IBM Watson is limited to your resources and needs and has a wide range of uses and applications. By working closely with partners, the company is well suited to solve any situation. Therefore, Visive's IBM consulting services are also top-notch to match the dynamic nature of the platform. The following categories can be used as a rough guide for potential uses:

Diagnosis and action

The system can help knowledge workers deal with individual cases to accurately isolate the problem from many possible sources, and then take the best follow-up measures.

Research and discovery

Based on dynamic and evolving personal data generated from seemingly unformatted data, a self-service experience is tailored for each customer.

Explore and uncover

When conducting groundbreaking research, discover outstanding research, research papers and other sources of information.

Enhance operations

By analyzing the unstructured data of each step and all the output generated during the operation, effectively identify potential vulnerable points in the business process.

Manage risk and liability

Ensure early detection of fraudulent activities and control of risks to better hedge risks and improve resilience.

Watson AI helps your industries transform

Watson AI has been integrated into organizations of all sizes from hospitality, healthcare to education, providing you with advantages by simplifying work processes and increasing productivity. When combined with Visive's IBM business consulting services, there are no obstacles.

IBM Watson Recruitment, Adverse Impact Analysis

Use IBM Watson Recruitment to enhance human resources and increase the efficiency of recruiters. At the same time, expand the role of the human resources department in the business, find the most suitable person for any position, and monitor possible adverse effects. Working with Visive and our IBM consulting services, nothing can ruin your success.

Watson Discovery for Salesforce

By equipping agents with the best AI, use Watson Discovery for Salesforce to process cases faster. By seamlessly accessing all the knowledge they need, your agent can quickly resolve cases in Salesforce.

Watson Assistant for Marketing

Watson Marketing Assistant can provide powerful insights for marketers and event designers. Create consistent campaigns on all media platforms to increase customer engagement, increase customer loyalty and work smarter.

Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture

The IBM Watson agricultural decision-making platform enables powerful data-driven decision-making in agribusiness. Through the user-friendly API and visualization tools optimized for any platform, you can access a large number of analysis related to agriculture.

IBM Equipment Maintenance Assistant

Use IBM Equipment Maintenance Assistant to improve asset maintenance. The AI ​​supported by IBM Watson can reduce the knowledge gap and improve troubleshooting efficiency and operational efficiency.

IBM IoT Building Insights

Understanding the occupancy of each building, facility and space has never been easier. With IBM Building Insights, data from all sites can be safely stored in the cloud and used to analyze building performance.

IBM Watson Supply Chain Insights

Gain insight and predictive analysis to respond to changes in the supply chain faster and with more confidence. With IBM Watson Supply Chain Insights, you can quickly assess and effectively mitigate outages.

IBM Production Quality Insights

IBM Production Quality Insights can identify and manage defects during the production process. Equipped with AI visual inspection, can effectively reduce costs and improve throughput.

IBM WEATHERfx Footfall with Watson

WeatherFX combines weather intelligence with the functions of a cross-channel digital marketing platform, enabling marketers to effectively encourage more in-store traffic.

IBM Production Optimization

IBM Watson provides powerful AI-based insights and descriptive methods to help operations optimize performance and precise positioning and potential losses in terms of throughput, cost, and quality.

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