Azure Machine Learning Service

Azure Cognitive Services combine machine learning and

AI to analyse text for emotion and sentiments and images

to identify objects and people.

Azure Speech-to-Text Services we offer

Machine Learning Based Automation

Get all levels of productivity improvement through our automated Azure machine learning service. We can use powerful models for rapid deployment.

Azure DevOps Services

A powerful Azure machine learning service for DevOps, powered by machine learning, which simplifies the ML life cycle from model construction to execution and monitoring.

Custom AI Solutions

Customized AI solutions are designed to provide better security and efficiency. Each AI solution can perfectly meet the needs of your business to achieve better management and control.

Azure Support Services

We provide some of the best support on the market. We have a dedicated team of professionals who can resolve every Azure machine learning solution query you may encounter.

Azure Cognitive Services

Visive provides Azure Cognitive Services, which is designed to stand the test of time. Using the best APIs, we help companies automate functions by creating the smartest applications by embedding functions that can listen, speak, listen, and speak.

Azure API Integration

We effectively use event grids, service buses, and other logical applications (including comprehensive API management) to create excellent, powerful integrated solutions with multiple platforms and third-party applications.

Custom IBM Watson App Development

At Visive, we are good at developing custom applications to take Watson technology to take your business to a new level with our Azure machine learning service.

Support & Trouble-shooting Services

Our developers are always available to provide you with troubleshooting, management services, increased productivity or daily maintenance opportunities, while reducing downtime.

Products made using Azure ML Service

Converse Smartly - Speech to text converter

The development of the advanced speech recognition web application ConverseSmartly® helped establish Visive's strong footprint in the use and application of machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

ConverseSmartly® enables organizations and individuals to work smarter, faster and more accurately. The advanced features of the app can be used to analyze conversations or speeches from team meetings, interviews, conferences, seminars, and even lectures into text-try it anytime!

Applications of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Services

Azure machine learning services are ideal for most voice conversion purposes. At Visive, we are proud to provide the best Azure cognitive service utilization through some of the following applications:

Azure Bot Service

Use Azure Machine Learning Services to develop AI robots, including question answering robots and virtual assistants.

Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks is a powerful analysis platform that can help you understand your data.

Azure Cognitive Search

The index-based search supported by AI uses Azure Cognitive Services to obtain unstructured data from images.

Bing Auto Suggest

With Azure Cognitive Services, smart, powerful Bing will automatically suggest features for your applications.

Bing Custom Search

Bing Custom Search API provides you with a powerful search index by quickly setting parameter adjustments.

Bing Entity Search

Automatically add entity data from the Internet to help optimize search and indexing.

Bing Image Search

Use Azure Cognitive Services to enable comprehensive image search.

Bing News Search

Bing News Search, powered by Azure Cognitive Services, will provide relevant results every time.

Bing Spell Check

With the help of machine learning, you can automatically and accurately check spelling without missing any rhythm.

Bing Video Search

Easily search for videos based on the advanced Azure voice-to-text service.

Bing Visual Search

With Bing Visual Search based on Azure Cognitive Services, search based on image input becomes easy.

Bing Web Search

Get the best web search capabilities with Azure machine learning services.

Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services enables contextual interaction with digital assets in a powerful way.

Computer Vision

Use Azure Machine Learning Services to automatically obtain meaningful insights from visual input.

Content Moderator

Content Moderator API for automatically marking the visual content of potentially objectionable materials.

Custom Vision

Customized computer vision optimizes operations without requiring machine learning expertise.

Data Science Virtual Machines

Get a whole, ready-made virtual machine for data science modeling and development.

Face Recognition

Use Azure Cognitive Services to automatically detect, organize and tag faces in photos.

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning Service brings powerful AI to ML applications to achieve excellent automation.

Machine Learning Studio

Use our Azure machine learning service to build a comfortable and smooth environment for ML solutions

Microsoft Genomics

Leverage Microsoft's experience in running EB-level workloads for gene sequencing.

Translator Speech

Seamless front-end voice translation through Azure Cognitive Services and REST API calls.

Language Understanding

User-defined prompts and commands in organizations and business processes.

Form Recognizer

Azure Form Recognizer uses advanced ML to accurately extract key data from the form.

Ink Recognizer

Automatically recognize digital ink content, such as handwriting, shape and signature.


Personalize our Azure machine learning service to better meet your specific needs.

QnA Maker

Conduct useful and engaging Q&A conversations with Azure Cognitive Services to encourage further action

Speaker Recognition

Identify multiple speakers and automatically distinguish them to complete the complete transcription.

Speech Translation

Seamlessly integrate voice translation with your application in real time and context.

Speech to Text

Seamlessly integrate voice translation with your application in real time and context.

Text Analytics

Analyze the text for sentiment and sentiment assessment to determine further actions.

Text to Speech

Easily convert text back to speech through Azure Cognitive Services and its powerful AI.

Translator Text

Easy-to-use and context-sensitive machine translation can quickly process text.

Video Indexer

Automatically mark and index videos using Azure Machine Learning Services.

Kinect DK

Developer kits and PC peripherals equipped with AI for building computer vision and speech models.

Anomaly Detector

Combine the application's anomaly detection capabilities with Azure Cognitive Services and minimize losses.

Azure Open Datasets

The cloud-based Azure open data set organized by experts can accelerate the development of ML solutions.

Immersive Reader

Microsoft Immersive Reader enhances the reading experience by improving readability.