Contactless Attendance Solution

Contactless Attendance Solution using Computer Vision

The non-contact attendance solution uses computer vision technology that uses RTSP-enabled cameras to capture facial data and match it with existing facial data to mark individual attendance. Every time someone enters and exits the office, their facial data and attendance information are recorded. 

How does it work?

The non-contact attendance solution uses existing IP cameras or CCTV cameras to identify employees at the entrance and enter their facial data into the attendance database along with the current time and date. The system captures employee facial data every time they enter or leave the office. It saves time by reducing the time it takes for people to wait for others to scan their cards or fingerprints to enter the office. Moreover, since no scanner is required to mark attendees, the risk of infection is reduced. 

Add Employee Data

Human resources and managers can add employee facial data as well as their full names and employee IDs. 


Using computer vision, employees can capture their facial data whenever they enter or leave the office. The system records employee check-in and check-out logs of the date and time. 

Features of Contactless Attendance Solution

Automatic Report Generation

Attendance reports will be automatically generated from attendance data captured by CCTV or IP cameras installed in the office. 

No new hardware needed

You do not need a new camera to enable the contactless attendance system. Instead, it can be used with existing RTSP-enabled cameras. 

Integration with Payroll and HRM

The non-contact attendance system can also be integrated with payroll and HRM to help the human resources department manage employee salaries quickly and effectively. 

Access Control

The non-contact attendance system can also be integrated with a gate based on smart IoT to achieve automatic access control, which opens when a human face is recognized. 

Multi-Channel Recognition

You can connect multiple cameras to the contactless attendance system and allow the cameras to access AI functions to recognize faces. 

Productivity Monitoring

By installing multiple cameras in the work area to continuously capture employee facial data, you can monitor employee productivity by determining how many hours the employee spends in the office.