Event Management Software Development


We use innovative incident management solutions to help you turn incidents affected by the COVID-19 outbreak into virtual incidents and change the way you manage incidents. 

We develop Custom Event Management Software for Event Organizers

We have developed a customized event planning application that can help you hold online meetings, trade shows and webinars, digitally manage events and change the way events are handled. From setting up participants to selling tickets, posting social messages, hosting on-demand and real-time conversations, one-to-one interactions, and enabling contactless sign-in, we have developed a platform that allows you to effectively manage events. 

Our Event Management Software Development Services

Event Management Mobile Apps

We have developed mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. These applications can help multiple business areas to effectively organize online events through multiple functions (including online registration, digital payment, video integration, schedule management, and in-app chat functions). 

VR-enabled Solutions

We can develop solutions that support VR. Whether people attend the event in person or not, it will help people experience the similar environment they actually encounter in the venue. 

Video Integration with Existing Mobile/Web App

We can also help you integrate video conferencing technology into your existing mobile or web applications, allowing you to conduct activities online without having to build a complete solution from scratch. 

Contactless Event Check-ins & Entry System

In order to ensure the minimum risk of spreading the virus after COVID-19, we can help you develop a platform that enables contactless check-in to authenticate participants without manual intervention, and controls the automation with the help of IoT-enabled sensors Door access and equipment. 

People Counting System

The people counting tracking system can be used in event venues to count the number of people participating in the event. It can help you ensure that the incident does not exceed the limit of number of people and that few people gather to control the risk of COVID-19 before it is finally eliminated. 

Social Distancing Alerts System

We can help you activate the social distancing alarm system at the venue so that the participants can keep a certain distance from each other. It can ensure zero contact and reduce the risk of virus transmission after the COVID-19 outbreak. 

We integrate your event management solutions with:

Registration Software

Registration software is used for automatic registration, marketing, coordination and scheduling of events. 

Virtual Event Software

Virtual event software helps companies continue their meetings and event scheduling virtually through real-time streaming media tools that can be accessed on multiple devices. 

Event Marketing Software

Event marketing software is used to help organizations identify relevant audiences and analyze audience behavior based on event pages, registrations, social media impressions, email and mobile technology usage. 

Event Check-In Software

Event checking software is used to speed up the registration process for events and meetings. The software can be deployed on devices, including smartphones, tablets, and kiosks. Event organizers use event sign-in software to collect attendee information that can be used for lead generation purposes. 

Technologies We Work On

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI in event management, chat bots can be used to increase event participation, identify target audiences and reduce sign-in time for facial recognition technology. 

Web Applications

Our team has the ability to develop progressive web applications that enable event managers to organize event-related information beautifully and generate more revenue through a user-friendly interface. 

Internet of Things

With IoT-enabled devices and applications, we can help you collect data from a large number of attendees, which can be used to better participate in, manage and plan events. 

Mobile Apps

We develop a scalable and user-friendly mobile application that can help event organizers effectively manage events from event lists to event marketing, schedule events, manage registration and host online events.