Face Mask Detection System

Face Mask Detection System using Artificial Intelligence

The mask detection system uses existing IP cameras and CCTV cameras combined with Computer Vision to detect people without masks.

Interface to Add Face Data

The mask detection platform uses an artificial network to identify whether the user is not wearing a mask. The application can be connected to any existing or new IP mask detection camera to detect people without masks. App users can also add faces and phone numbers to send them alerts when they are not wearing a mask. If the camera captures an unrecognizable face, you can send a notification to the administrator.

Real-time Monitoring Dashboard

The user-friendly website allows users to see who is not wearing a mask, and view photos or videos captured by the camera. Users can also generate reports to download and integrate with any other third parties.

Notification Interface

If the mask detector app recognizes that the user is not wearing a mask, it will use the person's picture to send an AI alert. It allows the application to run automatically and force the mask to be worn.

Features of Face Mask Detection System

Automatically Send Alert

Send an alert to the recognized face, and you can also set the rate of alert sending and face detection.

Multi-Channel Recognition

Connect multiple cameras within a few minutes and enable all cameras to use the AI ​​function that recognizes faces.

No new hardware to install

The system can run on any existing RTSP cameras without installing any new cameras. Most hospitals and airports have installed IP cameras and enabled RTSP.

Use Cases


The mask detection system can be used at airports to detect travelers without a mask. Passengers' facial data can be captured in the system at the entrance. If it is found that the passenger does not have a mask, send their photo to the airport authorities so that they can act quickly. If the person's face (such as the face of an airport worker) has been stored, it can send an alert directly to the worker's phone.


Using a mask detection system, hospitals can monitor whether employees wear masks during shifts. If any medical staff who is not wearing a mask are found, they will receive a notification with a reminder to wear a mask. Similarly, if the person who needs to be quarantined wants to wear a mask, the system can pay attention and detect the presence of the mask, and automatically send a notification or report to the authorities.


The mask detection system can be used in the office to detect whether employees maintain safety standards at work. It monitors employees who are not wearing masks and sends them reminders to wear masks. You can download reports or send emails at the end of the day to catch people who do not comply with regulations or requirements.