Real Time Communication App Development


We develop custom real-time communication application solutions for start-ups and enterprises.

Building feature-rich and scalable communication solutions

We provide innovative real-time communication applications for new and existing Android, iOS and Web applications. With ten years of experience in creating real-time communication software, we take advantage of the latest and advanced features of the industry, including desktop sharing and voice and video calling. 

Our Real Time Communication App Development Capabilities

Real Time Communication App Development for Virtual Classrooms

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools and universities have moved learning methods to virtual classrooms. We help educational institutions integrate video conferencing tools into their learning management systems, and help them interact more effectively and interactively with students.

Real Time Communication App Development for Telehealth

We assist medical institutions in developing real-time communication applications to expand medical services through video doctor visits, remote PT, remote care and remote psychiatry. Our team can not only integrate the video/voice conference API into existing medical software, but also build a real-time communication platform for medical institutions from scratch.

Real Time Communication Platform for Online Events

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, some international gatherings and conferences have been cancelled. However, there is a way to organize such gatherings online and establish connections with organizations and individuals around the world through web conferencing solutions. Therefore, we help customize and develop a real-time video communication platform with whiteboard, file sharing and screen sharing functions to facilitate the hosting of online events. 

Real Time Communication App Development for Telehealth

Our real-time communication application development team has the function of integrating real-time communication applications with CRM tools to enhance your sales ability. By adding video calling capabilities to CRM applications or tools, companies can increase the chances of conversion. Real-time communication application integration can also help sales executives analyze video calls from relevant potential customers, thereby improving their sales training and processes. 

Implementing High-End Security Layers to ensure confidentiality and privacy

End-to-end Encryption

We created a secure wall to prevent the conversation from being pried apart. Through end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to ensure the security of information exchange between the server and the application. 

SSL Encryption

Using 256-bit SSL encryption, we can ensure that all data transmitted between the communication application and the server remains secure and completely closed. 

AES Encryption

We use the AES-256 standard to configure real-time communication applications to prevent attackers from stealing the chat database by generating a specific key for each user. 

Robust Authorization

We have implemented multiple authentication levels to prevent unauthorized users from accessing application data and protect the entire information like a firewall. 

Enabling Seamless Integration

Video/Audio SDK & API

We ensure to provide a high-quality audio/video call experience from the app to any browser. Our team can integrate any audio/video (SDK and API), including MirrorFly, Twilio or Sinch, to provide low latency, faster real-time workflow and seamless embedding of WebRTC signals. 

Chat SDK & API

We also provide customers with a real messaging experience at any time. We use third-party APIs to integrate chat functions to receive and send messages instantly. It helps organizations attract users by implementing in-app messaging.