Telemedicine App

Telemedicine App Development For Hospitals and Clinics

We have made a simple and easy-to-use telemedicine application for patients and doctors. We support hospitals and clinics by developing solutions for telemedicine applications. We have built a secure, confidential and scalable telemedicine application that allows health organizations to build strong relationships, increase revenue and expand coverage. 

Custom Telemedicine Platform for all Healthcare Providers 

Our ready-to-use telemedicine platform enables doctors and patients to communicate with each other and provide consultations using mobile apps. Patients can schedule appointments and get online consultations according to the doctor's status. 

How It Works?

Hospitals can enable telemedicine applications through their workflow and provide more remote consultations for doctors and patients. 

Doctors can use Telemedicine App to invite patients into the platform and connect remotely through voice, video or text communication. 

Telemedicine applications allow patients to contact existing doctors through real-time video calls, voice calls and text. 

Features of Telemedicine App

Native Apps

256-bit encryption using SSL for communication

Data Abstraction for Doctor and Patient Records

Logs of all events

Automation tested product for 10M users

AWS Cloud hosted

For Hospitals/Clinics

Quick Implementation

Enable Telemedicine Platform for your hospital or clinic in 5 minutes

Notification Management

Manage notification settings for doctors and patients to keep them updated. 

Manage Data

Manage private and confidential data hosted within your premise or on the cloud

For Doctors

Add Your Own Patient

Send invitations to patients to install telemedicine applications and set up online consultations. 

Set a Schedule

Choose the time period and availability at your convenience. Enable or disable plans at any time. 

SetUp Profile

Set up a profile with public and private information. You can manage what information needs to be publically visible and what not.

Send Reminders

Send alerts and reminders to patients before the call is about to start. 

Upload Documents

Upload prescriptions and invoices and share them with specific patients.

Multi-lingual Support

The app supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Marathi, Hindi and several other languages.

For Patients

Book Appointment

Patients can view the doctor’s availability and book appointments accordingly. 

Alerts and Reminders

Patients can get push notifications about new updates and reminders.

Invite Doctor

Invite or add your existing doctors to the platform. 

Video Consultation

Patients can interact with doctors for consultation via a video call.

Secured and Telemedicine Compliant

Encrypted patient history is only visible to the specific doctor and never shared with anyone else. 

Multi-lingual Support

App supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Marathi, Hindi and several other languages.