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Effective Ways to Cater to Fraud Risks

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Fraud Detection Solutions – A Savior in the Digital Age

The biggest threats that the corporate sector must deal with today are cybercrime and fraud. By hacking into the system and abusing sensitive information, these cybercriminals are making businesses face survival challenges.

Visive is the savior of the digital age, and it can provide companies with seamless fraud services that can be perfectly customized according to business needs!

Real-time Screening

Visive's fraud detection solutions are ideal for all companies because they provide real-time transactions and user screening. It is designed to monitor incoming data, thereby saving business owners time and effort to personally check each order.

Deep Insights into User Behavior

Visive's fraud detection system is a completely reliable option because it can discover the correlation between user behavior and fraudulent activity. Smart solutions can monitor streaming data and detect fraud patterns.

Accurate Detection

The enterprise eventually destroyed the user experience of many customers due to false positives. Visive's solution is the perfect way to solve the increasing fraud. It can help companies to provide customers with a perfect user experience.

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With high-tech solutions, we can provide our customers with the highest quality comfort. On the one hand, we are trying to increase the convenience of our customers' lives. On the other hand, we are facing the biggest threat to the corporate world-fraud!

The fraud detection center consists of fraud analysts who respond to fraud complaints. They evaluate claims and conduct investigations to detect fraud and help people regain detailed information about their theft.

Visive is a pioneer in the technology industry, providing seamlessly designed fraud prevention and fraud monitoring services!

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Prevent fraud, and save your business from falling apart!

Type of Enterprise Frauds

When providing customers with a first-class user experience, companies must deal with four common types of corporate fraud.

Identity Theft

For e-commerce merchants, the biggest threat is identity theft. Fraud can take the identity of others and use it for transactions. The most common type of identity theft is credit card fraud.

Chargeback Fraud

Refusal to fraud is another form of fraud that companies must prevent. Fraudulent use of debit or credit cards to make purchases. Claims were made immediately after the purchase, claiming that the credit card was stolen.

Affiliate Fraud

The third on the list is member fraud. Entities involved in member fraud will defraud companies from paying illegal commissions. This included fraud, and the company cloned a company’s website to steal traffic and revenue.

Account Theft

Account theft is one of the most important forms of theft in the digital world. It not only damages the company economically, it even destroys the company's reputation.

Fraud Prevention Services – Detect, Catch, Secure

With the fraud prevention services provided by Visive’s seamless solutions, companies can detect fraudulent activities before they become significant losses. After a user visits the company's website or application, the fraud detection solution will provide real-time data about the visitor's behavior.

Risk-Appropriate Authentication

Treat all customers truthfully to deal with fraud risks. Using the account takeover function, no matter how the customer interacts, it can provide appropriate authentication and authorization of risks.

Mobile and Application Fraud

Don’t let fraud infiltrate your mobile device and commit mobile fraud through your mobile app.

Prevent Bonus and Promotion Abuse

Before bonus abuse begins to affect your business and generate negative incentives, prevent bonus abuse. Expand your customer network easily and conveniently.

Prevent Credit Card

Don't bother customers with unnecessary steps and wrong rejections. Reduce credit card fraud and provide your customers with the best experience.

Fraud Monitoring Service Prevent And Secure Your Process

Today's fraud monitoring services not only enable companies to help detect fraud, but also help companies take preventive measures. Companies can enjoy high-tech solutions, provide customers with an exceptionally satisfying experience, and protect their businesses from the threat of fraud.

Visive Game Changer Solution

Visive’s fraud detection solutions are a game-changer in the industry!