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AI Digital Image Processing Service Advantages

More than one billion images are published every day, so information must be obtained from the images. Image analysis is a technology that combines various techniques and automatic algorithms for extracting and processing data from images.

Image analysis also uses logical analysis to explain information in vision and graphics. In short, image analysis is the ability of a computer to identify the various elements depicted in an image. Image analysis is also called "computer vision" or "image recognition".

AI Image processing Services Offer by Visive

Visive has created a software solution with AI support, which has excellent real-time image analysis capabilities. We have developed advanced artificial intelligence technology solutions for the image analysis process, which can be implemented in various industrial activities and other activities. Our data analysis image processing solutions have multiple functions, such as image recognition, image classification, data labeling, pattern recognition, and visual search.

Our AI solutions for image analysis work in a systematic way to ensure the accuracy of the results and predict the correct analysis. 

Road traffic analysis

Our road traffic analysis solution can distinguish various types of vehicles and classify them through deep learning. The road analysis system developed by Visive uses surveillance cameras and dedicated software to manage feeds and intelligent data analysis.

Thalassemia Identification

We provide error-free gel electrophoresis image analysis to accurately identify thalassemia. Our advanced image analysis solutions allow us to completely change the error-prone manual diagnosis process.

Automated Authentication for Drive-Thrus

Our solution combines AI and image analysis functions to improve workflow efficiency and avoid time-consuming straight-through activities. This solution eliminates the blocking points during manual drive and greatly improves efficiency.

Facial Recognition System

Our system provides real-time results by using HOG (Directional Histogram) and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). It also uses dLib for face recognition and object-oriented detection, and our system can accurately display the results in real time.

Logo and Brand Detection

More than 80% of social media posts have pictures, and more than 85% of the logos in the pictures are not mentioned or marked. Our image analysis solutions can be used to identify logos, brands and marks in images and videos, thereby enabling brands to truly understand how they handle user-generated content.

Our Image Analytics Solutions Offer

Our image analysis solutions solve the growing challenges of enterprises, such as the lack of seamless solutions for extracting objects, patterns and various other types of data from images.

Image Recognition

Image Classification

Data Labeling 

Image Analytics

Pattern Recognition

Visual Search

Why Image Analytics?

By integrating well-designed edge analysis solutions, prepare to simplify IoT data management and analysis and other amazing benefits!

Technologies we work with

We use various cloud-based and open source technologies to develop complex image analysis solutions for our customers.

Cloud-Based Technologies

We use various cloud-based and open source technologies to develop complex image analysis solutions for our customers.




Open-Source Technologies

We utilize various cloud-based and open-source technologies to develop sophisticated image analytics solutions for our clients.