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In today's data-centric world, the effective use of big data and predictive analytics has become the key to achieving its goals. It applies a series of machine learning techniques to identify and understand patterns in historical data and use them for future predictions. The predictive analysis application provides products and training services that can be used for fraud detection, business prediction, customer behavior prediction, life science data analysis, and credit risk assessment. Government agencies, research institutions, academic institutions, and commercial enterprises can use predictive analytics applications to make more informed and appropriate decisions, combined with historical information.

Predictive Analytics Solutions by Visive

The predictive analytics solutions provided by Visive can produce effective and fast results, enabling you to identify opportunities and anomalies in business processes and strategies. In addition, you can use Visive Predictive Analytics solutions for analysis, thereby eliminating risks and reducing uncertainty.

Visive's predictive analytics applications can effectively analyze customer lifecycles and help better develop customer service strategies. Through data collected from internal and external sources, customer preferences can be used to improve products. In addition to understanding customer behavior and attitudes; it also helps identify key factors and classify customers based on various attributes. Predictive analytics solutions also help service-based companies predict the type of service or in some cases meet the needs of their customers.

Visive combines machine learning expertise and sophisticated data collection techniques to implement predictors. This can be used to take appropriate measures so that the predictive variable intervention set can be analyzed in the same data warehouse environment.

Our Featured Work

Automated Authentication for Drive Thrus

Multi-mode automatic identity verification for driving through fine-grained car brand/model classification and personnel identification using deep learning.

Customer Churn Prediction

Predictive modeling-based solutions provide companies with data-driven insights to identify potential unsatisfied customers through business process verification.

Departmental Efficiency with Predictive Analytics Applications

Visive provides predictive analytics solutions that can be used to improve different business areas, such as human resources, marketing, and overall business performance. The analysis generated by the predictive analytics solution can help identify deficiencies in the marketing mix and make more accurate predictions. In addition, various factors and models can be analyzed to reorganize the business model and bring operational efficiency.

Predictive Analysis - Machine Learning for enhanced sector analytics

Visive's Predictive Analytics solution can be used in retail, banking, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and other fields. For healthcare providers, it can determine the risk of the patient’s health. Financial service providers can identify differences in transactions and theft. Manufacturing and retail companies can track customer behavior and improve their products accordingly.

Predictive Analytics - Machine Learning Key Capabilities


Our professional business analysts and data scientists use automation to build sophisticated predictive analytics solutions. These can be immediately embedded in business processes.


We provide end-to-end predictive analytics solution management to provide regular updates to improve performance.


Provide predictive models for different frameworks to disperse variables, analyze variables and promote real-time predictive scoring.