Covid-19 Technology Solutions

We are designing and developing Covid-19 technical solutions to help prevent, mitigate and contain the COVID-19 outbreak together with start-ups, NGOs and businesses. We are using machine learning, computer vision and connected devices to build platforms and applications to help governments, medical institutions and individuals fight epidemics.

Technology Solutions to help Covid-19 Outbreak

Countries all over the world are working hard to fight the virus and reduce risks. Companies are looking for technological solutions to maintain business continuity and digitally transform their organizations to prepare for the new normal. Visive has developed various platforms to help governments and enterprises.

Face Mask Detection using AI

Using computer vision, the mask detection system can detect people without a mask. It uses existing IP cameras to monitor individuals and identify whether they are not wearing masks. It can be used in hospitals, offices, and quarantine facilities to ensure that people take necessary measures to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Contactless Attendance System

The non-contact attendance system uses computer vision and facial recognition to recognize faces and mark attendance by viewing facial biometrics. It can be used with RTSP-enabled CCTV or IP cameras.

Telemedicine Solution for Healthcare Institutes

Doctors, patients and pharmacists can use telemedicine applications to remotely connect with patients. Patients can consult a doctor via video. By connecting patients with doctors online, the spread of the virus to the population can be reduced. The doctor can order the prescription on behalf of the patient to avoid mishandling the prescription.

Social Distancing Alert System Using Artificial Intelligence

The social evacuation alert system is designed to check whether people are keeping their distance to prevent COVID-19. Using CV, the system can find the gap between two or more people identified in the camera.

Hotspot Zone Detection using Computer Vision

Using existing IP or CCTV cameras, hotspot area detection can identify whether people frequently touch unknown physical objects in a specific area. If the number of touches exceeds the limit, the area will be recognized as a hot spot area.

Real Time Communication App Development

We provide innovative real-time communication applications for new and existing Android, iOS and Web applications. With ten years of experience in creating real-time communication software, we take advantage of the latest and advanced features of the industry, including desktop sharing and voice and video calling.

Event Management Software Development

We use incident management software development services to help you change the way you conduct incidents before the COVID-19 pandemic. We can help you integrate the virtual event platform with your application or website, build non-contact event sign-in solutions and develop solutions that support VR.